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Zsuzsika Lencses – ‘Prisoner’

  • 2 min read

One of Melbourne’s growing musical talents, Zsuzsika Lencses has been making a name for herself by celebrating her unique style and sound. Often described as a memorable cross between Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey and Adele, her sound is an evolved mix of entertaining pop sounds and heartfelt vocals that shine with a perfectly polished production. After releasing her debut EP as a tribute to her Father in 2018, Zsuzsika has gone from strength to strength, releasing new singles and conquering stages all across the busy Australian city.

Inspired by the likes of Pink Floyd, The Beegees, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Tina Turner, and Bryan Adams, to name just a few of her eclectic idols, Zsuzsika has been able to create a unique and expansive style that her fans can’t get enough of. A stunning glimpse of her talents, her new single is ‘Prisoner’, an evolved pop track that shines with an overwhelming electronic sheen.

Flowing with an easy digital beat that is quickly overtaken by Zsuzsika’s emotive vocals, ‘Prisoner’ carves a sweeping path through the silence, offering a soft, expansive melody that lingers in the air. A simple, but deeply moving track, the single leans heavily on Zsuzsika’s vocals, building to a textured, overlapping crescendo that soars with passion and unyielding confidence. An evolved and textured pop track, there is a spark of invention about ‘Prisoner’ that makes it stand out from the mainstream, pushing itself to the fore with a unique energy.

Available now on Spotify, the sound that Zsuzsika has been refining for years now. It’s entrancing, and deeply moving, bringing together vibrant digital energy with some raw, human emotion, and perfectly showcasing why Zsuzsika has become one of Melbourne’s great talents.

Score: 8/10

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