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Various Artists – ‘Hidden Gems (Melodic Vocal Downtempo Beats)’

  • 2 min read

A Barcelona-based recording artist and producer, Ramon has become one of the most expansive and creative talents in the electronic world. An artist who refuses to be confined to one style or sound, Ramon’s current creative whims spans four unique projects, each built to explore a different fusion of trip-hop, downtempo, blues, and acoustic creates an unparalleled sonic odyssey.

Bringing together select tracks from his creative monikers, ‘Hidden Gems’ shines a light on the nuanced sounds of Plastic DJ, Voluptas Mors, Plastic Teardrops, and Moarn, showcasing twelve of the project’s most poignant and profound pieces.

Opening with Plastic DJ’s ‘Waiting For Your Call’, the compilation builds into a shifting cascade of deep house beats and vibrant, downtempo atmospherics. Layered with melodic vocals that weave through the musical melee, it’s an emotive and wonderfully built introduction to the album. Second cut ‘Hold Me In Your Arms’ introduces Voluptas Mors, a powerful duo of Ramon and Laura that creates a masterful hypnotic and beguiling sound. It’s a seamless transition in style, offering a new layer of depth to the release. The first sound of Plastic Teardrops appears in the third track, ‘Falling Together’, a sensational piece of downtempo ambience that is flawlessly executed.

It’s a perfect balance of style that forms between the three projects, seamlessly switching between nuanced electronic sounds that flow with a beautiful sense of cohesion. It’s not until the final cut that we get a glimpse of the fourth creative force, Moarn, a new breed of downtempo artistry that rallies upon an intricate weave of soft rhythms, suggestive sounds, and intimate moments. It’s a stirring and wonderfully placed end to the compilation, creating a unique and flawless into Ramon’s creative talents.

It’s rare for a compilation to shift and transform itself so seamlessly, but on ‘Hidden Gems’, Ramon has been able to cultivate a perfect and moving illustration of his various creative shades. A testament to his overall abilities as an artist and producer, ‘Hidden Gems’ is a compilation that deserves to be heard and appreciated.

Score: 9/10