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Shannon – ‘Do You Know’

  • 3 min read

A stellar pop talent who has brought new life to Dallas’ modern pop scene, Shannon has become something of a musical phenomenon, transcending the usual pop fodder and proving himself to be something more. After his first public appearance at the young age of five, Shannon quickly became enamoured with the power and spectacle of live music. It was the spark that would light an unquenchable fire, and he quickly became a near-constant fixture in local venues all across the great state of Texas.

Shannon first broke into the public consciousness with the release of ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’, a deft cover of the James Arthur original that went on to received critical acclaim and over 1.2 million hits. It was an impressive first foray into the world of professional music, and one that Shannon was quick to capitalise on, releasing his first original single, the evocatively titled ‘Do You Know’ in May of this year. A runaway triumph, the single has gone on to earn almost a quarter of a million streams of YouTube so far, along with over 1.3 million views on Facebook, making it arguably one of the biggest independent pop debuts of the year.

Inspired by a wonderfully diverse and seemingly unlimited roster of influences such as The Beatles, Justin Bieber, One Direction, The Bee Gees, Elvis, Oasis, Tupac, and many, many more, Shannon was determined to use ‘Do You Know’ as a way to illustrate the full breadth of his pop sound, touching on hallmarks of the genre, as well as more evolved RnB and electronic vibes.

Recorded at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles. ‘Do You Know’ holds firm to a vibrant, universal appeal, capturing the hearts and minds of fans across North America, Latin America, Asia, and Europe. A unique and multi-faceted pop single, ‘Do You Know’ has already made its mark, and with hundreds of thousands of streams, millions of views, and a glowing, albeit superficial review from Sleeping Bag Studios, it’s hard to argue about its quality.

A truly organic pop song, which is a rare feat these days, ‘Do You Know’ flows with a surprisingly confident sound, one that belies Shannon’s young age and relatively new status as an international artist. It’s a debut single that has none of the classic failings of a debut, offering sweeping pop instrumentals and fleeting flourishes of RnB sounds that glisten and shine as the song picks up momentum. While the production and mixing have been geared towards Shannon’s vocals, the melodies hold their own in perfect form, offering a polished and naturally progressing soundscape that draws in the listeners beautifully. Lyrically, Shannon sings from the heart, dropping simple, romantic lines that hint at familiar clichés, but still sound fresh thanks to his delivery.

A wonderfully modern single, ‘Do You Know’ is exactly the kind of single that you would expect a talent like Shannon to be releasing. Its free-flowing, passionate, and filled with youthful vibrance, creating a powerful illustration of what he will undoubtedly achieve in the next few years. A genuinely impressive pop single, ‘Do You Know’ is available now on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, and it marks the first step in a bold new career.

You can also stream a special acoustic version of ‘Do You Know’ on social media and all streaming sites, with plans to release a delicate piano and cello instrumental version next month. Along with those two new renditions, there will also be a special remix for TikTok that’ll bring a dance tempo to the fore, along with plans to release a full EP in December, and a full-length album in 2021. Make sure you follow Shannon today on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to make sure you don’t miss any of these stellar upcoming releases!

Score: 8.5/10

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