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Shieldsy – ‘It's the Boss On The Phone’

  • 2 min read

A brilliant homegrown talent with a penchant for blending rock, rap, and vibrant pop with spirited tales of everyday life, Shieldsy has been riding a wave of success lately, winning over fans, critics, and more with his authentic, undeniable sound. With over three decades in the music industry and seemingly limitless creativity, Shieldsy has become an icon of Queensland’s music scene, and today, with the release of his third solo EP, he’s proven that the best is yet to come.

Titled ‘It’s the Boss On The Phone’, Shieldsy’s new release is an invigorating six-track release that shines a light on the absurdity of life and delivers a searing fusion of rap and rock with a wry smile and plenty of larrikin energy. Speaking openly about the new release on his social media pages, Shieldsy stated “I have often been flippant about my music, but I’m particularly proud of this release. It's my best work yet,” and after just a few listens, it’s hard to disagree.

Opening with lead single and title track ‘It's the Boss On The Phone’, the EP wastes little time in making its mark, hitting hard with a wave of toe-tapping, rip-roaring sounds that perfectly captures Shieldsy’s sound. Satirical, irreverent, and wonderfully engaging, the opening cut is a powerful introduction, opening up the release and also introducing the hard-hitting drums of Adam Church, a powerful talent who has toured with artists like Shannon Noll, Glen Hughes, and Lachey Doley. The first time Shieldsy has introduced live drums to his recordings, Adam’s inclusion adds a new dimension that doesn’t go unnoticed.

As the EP continues, tracks like, ‘PJ (It’s a Personal Job)’, ‘Daddy Can’t Dance’ and ‘She Shits Out Rainbows’ continue his cheeky aural assault, lashing out with upbeat, rough-and-ready sounds that revel in caustic pub-rock anthemics, while ‘Roadworks’ and ‘Sixtynine’ fade into focus with some bold, melodic underpinnings. It’s a stark, explosive, and impressive mix, capturing the raw energy of a live show and blasting it firmly through your speakers.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘It’s the Boss On The Phone’ is arguably Shieldsy’s best release so far, and an essential listening experience for anyone who is a fan of rollicking rock tunes, primal drumbeats, howling vocals, and bold, tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

Score: 8.5/10

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