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Skit – ‘Doggy Bag Bitch’

  • 2 min read

A Belgian DJ and producer with a flair for minimalist techno sounds, Skit has been silently reshaping contemporary electronic for the better part of the year, cultivating a unique musical persona that he’s now ready to share with the world. Armed with his breakthrough debut single, the eye-catchingly titled ‘Doggy Bag Bitch’, Skit has paid homage to the early days of techno, revitalising the ‘Detroit Techno’ style and bringing it kicking and screaming into the modern age.

In itself, ‘Doggy Bag Bitch’ has already gained an impressive following, gaining over 21,000 streams on Spotify and earning praise online from various publications who have called it “an energetic instrument experience with a nostalgically invigorating feel”, but at its core, its far more than just what the numbers and comments depict.

A fast-paced and unforgettable piece of ‘golden age’ techno, ‘Doggy Bag Bitch’ is a unique tribute to the birth of modern electronica, one that takes elements from the best and most enduring parts of the genre and spins them into a colossal cacophony of digital sounds. Retro, energetic, and blissfully self-aware, the track is instrumental music at its height, creating a kaleidoscopic journey that will draw you in and refuse to let go. Musically, the single centres on a constant stream of high-pitched synths that demand to be played at full volume, setting the stage while a lavish, complex medley of melodies ebb and flow above, adding depth and creating a hypnotising edge that few will be able to deny. A talented beatmaker and producer in his own right, ‘Doggy Bag Bitch’ is ample proof of Skit’s talents, and the seamless blend of old school styles with new-age energy perfectly showcases his innovation, creativity and passion.

A titanic fusion between breakbeat, house, and early techno, ‘Doggy Bag Bitch’ is both a tribute to techno’s roots as well as a bright glimpse into its future. Check it out below on Spotify.

With ‘Doggy Bag Bitch’, Skit has delivered an instrumental piece that perfectly captures his sound and style, and if he can keep staying true to this innovative sound, there’s no telling how far he’ll go. Available now on Spotify and Apple Music, this is essential techno that even the most casual listener will absolutely adore.

For more from Skit, including his new single ‘Love & War’, be sure to follow him on his social media pages below.

Score: 8.5/10

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