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Snowtown – ‘Wake Up’

  • 2 min read

An alternative pop-rock project from Salt Lake City, Utah, Snowtown is the brainchild of Jessa Garcia, a talented young artist with an awful lot to say. After taking on the moniker at just fourteen years old, Jesse has shaped Snowtown into a personal, introspective, and wonderfully versatile outlet, one where he can write music to express himself and what’s important to him. Inspired by the likes of Macklemore, Twenty One Pilots, and more, Snowtown has become a celebrated fusion of rock, pop, rap, and emotive, piano-driven melodies.

In his latest single, the aptly titled ‘Wake Up’, Snowtown has taken on the ever-prevalent issue of mental health, opening up about old battles and unwanted thoughts to let his listeners know that they aren’t alone, no matter how hard their struggle might be.  A deeply personal piece, ‘Wake Up’ is a rare, dynamic ballad that uses waves of electronica and pop-rock to create a perfect backdrop for Jesse’s thoughts and feelings, offering a helping hand and ushering in the hope for better days.

Musically, it’s a massive release, one that wraps you in a melodic rush of sounds, delivering a tight-knit tapestry of soothing tones and sharp, immersive melodies. Purpose-built to heal hearts and mend fractured souls, ‘Wake Up’ is a lifeline set to music.

Speaking candidly about the song, Jesse explained, “I want the listeners to know they're not alone in feeling the way they feel. If you don't want to wake up anymore. I understand. But you need to stick around. If not for the people you love, then stick around for me.”

Available now on Spotify and all major platforms, ‘Wake Up’ is essential new listening, and if you’re not moved by the honesty in Jesse’s words or the candour in the music, then you’re just not digging deep enough.

Check out the single above and be sure to follow Snowtown on their social media pages below to ensure you never miss a new release.

Score: 8/10