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Split Persona – ‘Split Persona’

  • 2 min read

A dynamic four-piece with a penchant for high energy rock and roll, Split Persona have been carving up Nevada’s independent scene for some time now, building their fanbase and delivering a brilliant stream of hard-hitting, melodic rock cuts that are purpose-built to entertain and impress. Built on a fierce line of grit, determination, and timeless hard rock anthemics, everything about Split Persona’s sound and style point to a diverse, one-of-a-kind experience, and now, with the release of the eponymous five-track EP, they’ve proved it beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Featuring a unique blend of styles plucked from every progressive era of rock and roll, the EP stitches together everything from melodic alt-rock to dirty grunge and caustic punk, marrying drastic sounds with stark, intoxicating melodies and catchy hooks that will ensnare even the most detached of listeners. Opening with ‘Stay Away’, the EP waste no time if making its mark, forcing its way into your consciousness with a guitar-laden industrial sound that draws instant comparisons with bands like Death From Above 1979 and Royal Blood. As the track builds, the band continue to impress, layering sonic-driven sounds with a stark, irrepressible energy and howling vocals.

It’s an impressive opening gambit, and what’s more, it’s just the beginning. Second cut ‘All Us Three’ strikes upon some evocative and unmistakable metal tones, with frontman Zander Hoschak’s vocals transitioning between animalistic cries and impassioned tones, while all throughout guitars cry out and drums crash in a nuanced spiral of cataclysmic sounds.

On ‘Melted Clocks’, the band tread a more emotive path, forgoing the heavy anthemics of early cuts and delivering a far more melancholic sound. It’s a keen change of pace, one that shows a more vulnerable side to the band, while also proving they can write some truly melodic and affecting songs. As the song fades, following number ‘Keep It’ hits with some timeless rock prowess, carving a path that Guns and Roses would be proud of, before closing number ‘Strawberries’ finds the band returning to a stripped back, emotive sound, laying a strong foundation for a closing flurry of traditionally hard rock sounds. It’s a defiant closing number, one that creates a perfect blend between all the styles exhibited on the EP.

A powerful illustration of what Split Persona can achieve, the EP covers a lot of ground in just five quickfire tracks. More than just an echo of styles and personas that have come before them, the EP sees the band injecting classic sounds with a modern energy, blending everything together and polishing it into a bold and triumphant release.

With a debut album featuring ten original songs on the way, all eyes will surely be on Split Persona moving forward. You can stream the full EP above via Spotify, or you can find it now on all major platforms including Deezer, Amazon Music, and Apple Music.

Score: 8/10

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