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Stepfather Fred – ‘Like the Sea – Constantly Moving, Constantly Drowning’

  • 2 min read

A band who have built their reputation on fierce live performances and their edgy alt-rock sound, Stepfather Fred have become a central part of Germany’s modern music scene. Emotional and honest, raw and edgy, their sound is visceral, unmistakable, and destined to make a mark.

Built on the talents of Sebastian Schuster, Simon Bihlmayr, Matthias Gaßner, and Julius Dollinger, the band have already delivered five massive records, dominating the independent circuit with the likes of ‘Hello Larry Brown?’ and ‘Dummies, Dolls & Masters’. Now, they’re ready to unleash a bold new chapter, lashing out with the thirteen-track epic, ‘‘Like the Sea – Constantly Moving, Constantly Drowning’.

Kicking the album off with ‘Deep In My Mind’, Stepfather Fred dominates with a powerful statement of intent, kicking up the dust with a massive wall of sound. Armed with a raucous opening riff, bold atmospheric transitions, and a massive guitar solo. For an opening track, it’s absolutely undeniable, and the album only gets better from there.

In tracks like ‘If She Falls’, the band get technical, delivering a wild drum track and howling guitars that splinter and fight to be heard, while the semi-title tracks of ‘I Am the Sea’ and ‘Constantly Moving, Constantly Drowning’ work wonders to showcase the band’s talents for melodic brilliance, catchy vocal hooks, and deft percussion. Highlights abound in ‘Unconditional Love’ and ‘Numb’ before it all comes to a final triumphant track in ‘Darkness Prevails’.

An album that is impossible to pigeonhole or define, ‘Like the Sea – Constantly Moving, Constantly Drowning’ delivers something for everyone, tapping into a maelstrom of genres and style to create one of the most impressive albums of the year so far. Stream it now on Spotify via the embed above.

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