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Sun Space – ‘Tell Me’

  • 2 min read

A unique musical project steeped in expansive EDM escapism, Sun Space is an enigmatic DJ and producer who fiercely keeps their identity secret, opting to stay out of the spotlight and let their music speak for itself. Drawing inspiration from a wide variety of genres, Sun Space’s style is visceral, anomalous, and driven by an unwavering sense of purpose, ensuring that every release is unique, and yet united by an irresistible emotional pull.

The first in what promises to be a long line of singles, ‘Tell Me’ took shape over the recent global lockdown, a time of crisis in which Sun Space could take shelter and fully immerse themselves in sound. While composing in isolation, they began envisioning a time when people could come together and share the ecstatic feeling of live music again, shaping that vision into a vibrant and evolving blend of house, dance, pop, and contemporary hip-hop.

Representing the emergence of a new, wonderfully unique artist, the song is a gorgeous aural experience, one that explores the confusion and struggle that surrounds finding your crush and longing to be a part of their life. In their own words, Sun Space explained the beating heart behind ‘Tell Me’ as referring “to a crush that I was trying to figure out. I ended up feeling so lost that I thought it was less painful walking away from this person”.

Musically, the debut single is a fittingly expressive and undeniable piece, one that rises from deep, ruminating tones and escalating beats that form the central melody. As the song continues, Sun Space layers the techno sounds with soaring, shimmering vocals, creating a lavish cascading sound that is as emotive as it is exciting. A simple refrain of “tell me what you want” arrives with each chorus, succinctly reflecting the essence of the track, while each verse hits with its own lavish charm, creating a modern EDM anthem that is impossible to ignore.

Written, mixed and produced by Sun Space, and mastered at Metropolis Studios, London, ‘Tell Me’ is a complete creative vision that sets the standard for all future EDM releases.

When first starting to create music, Sun Space said that they wanted to make the kind of music that they wanted to hear, while also expressing the personal and mental health issues that they were too afraid to address, and on ‘Tell Me’, they’ve definitely achieved that.

With new releases expected throughout 2021 and beyond, Sun Space is well on their way to becoming a true fixture in modern EDM.

Score: 8/10

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