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Suris – ‘Bonehouse’

  • 2 min read

One of the most intriguing husband and wife duos to rise from the music scene in some time, Suris have spent the last few years carving out their own unique path with a string of eclectic releases. Inspired by the like of Talking Heads, King Crimson, and Japan, the partnership of Lindsey and David Mackie has gone from strength to strength ever since the release of their debut album in 2021, and now, almost a decade later, they’re back in the spotlight with their long-awaited third album, ‘Bonehouse’.

Following on from Lindsey and David’s time in lockdown, ‘Bonehouse’ emerges as a wonderfully experiment collection of songs and moments. Filled with their already alchemic sense of expression, strident emotion, and instrumentals that are perfectly amplified by Lindsey’s art-pop vocals, it’s an album that is indulgent, cathartic, and seemingly limitless, creating an expanding aural escape that will draw you in and never let you go.

Stylistically, you wouldn’t be too far afield labelling ‘Bonehouse’ as ethereal psych-rock, but you also wouldn’t be doing it complete justice, with each of the ten tracks unfolding to present different levels of sound and style. Caught in a tempest of celestial tones, otherworldly, avant-garde influences, and dark, burning melodies, ‘Bonehouse’ is a kaleidoscopic release that refuses to settle. Restlessly shifting between orchestral sounds, tribal rhythms, alt-folk passages, and evolving atmospheric rock passages, ‘Bonehouse’ walks a definitive line between the unexpected and the deeply familiar, unravelling into a brilliant, carefully cultivated release that makes the most out of every single moment.

Available now via Spotify, ‘Bonehouse’ is a rare and wonderfully engaging release that showcases the myriad of talents that Lindsey and David have in their arsenal.

Speaking candidly about the new album, the band explained; “This collection has come together over the last fifteen months. The songs travel through themes of escape, rescue, refuge, identity and legacy. However challenging these experiences are, they are fleeting, and it is important to us that they are hopeful”.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered in their own home studio, ‘Bonehouse’ is an unyielding release from Suris that acts as both the perfect continuation of the sound and a nuanced reintroduction after their time in lockdown.

Score: 8.5/10

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