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Swami Lushbeard – ‘End of the World’

  • 2 min read

While we might only be a few days away from closing the book on 2021 forever, the world of independent music is determined not to go quietly. While most major acts are happily counting down the final hours, bands like Swami Lushbeard are continuing to grind away, releasing a heavy, and possibly prophetic new single, the indomitable ‘End of the World’.

While most will already be familiar with the L.A. band’s supercharged sound and iconic foam-finger cover art, their new single is a cut from left field, one that builds perfectly on previous singles like ‘All About You’ and ‘The Lights Complain’ to deliver a complex weave of expressive atmospherics, intricate drum patterns, and aggressive riffs that will knock you for six every time.

When listening to the new cut, it’s no surprise that you’re almost instantly hit with a rough-and-ready wall of sound, but the band have built it so perfectly that every moment is sharp, dynamic, and balanced, pushing the limits with a unified sound that all hinges on the band’s tightknit chemistry. Shining with rich, engaging vocals, bold progressive melodies, and lavish harmonies that round out the single’s more brash, heavy moments. Lyrically, the single draws out a more hopeful narrative than first expected, delivering lines like “It’s not the End of the World. It’s just the end of the day” to bring hope and solace to a year that has been sorely lacking both.

Available now on all major platforms, the single is a quintessential piece of Swami Lushbeard brilliance, offering an optimistic thread that is hammered home with plenty of grit and determination. Check it out below.

Proving their talents as both musicians and songwriters, ‘End of the World’ is a brilliant new release that reminds us all that there will always be tomorrow and another chance to overcome our struggles, and as the music, lyrics, and passion combine, it quickly becomes a powerful embrace from one of the year’s most exciting independent bands.

Score: 9/10

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