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Tawny K – ‘New Way to Be’

  • 3 min read

A promising Australian singer, songwriter, and multi-talented musician, Tawny Keranovich, better known by her musical moniker of Tawny K, always had a passion for music. Born and raised in Adelaide, she quickly developed a penchant for the drums and guitar and would never pass up an opportunity to perform for her friends and family. At the age of twenty-one, Tawny was approached by Australian producer Nick Hart to record guitar and vocals for his chillwave track, ‘Believe’, and it wasn’t long until she was looking to spread her musical wings further.

In 2012, Tawny truly began her musical career, writing and recording the first few tracks for her debut studio album with the help of record producer, Matthew Williams. After several years in the studio, Tawny released her debut single ‘Listen Up’, garnering praise and acclaim from fans and critics alike. Fast-forward a few years, and Tawny continued to raise the bar with her evolved pop sound, releasing a stunning Christmas single in ‘No Diamonds For Christmas’, and her long-awaited debut album, ‘Chapter One’. Now, Tawny is ready to set the standard yet again, releasing a wonderfully modern Christmas anthem in the form of ‘New Way to Be’.

Released only a few days ago, ‘New Way to Be’ arrives in the wake of COVID-19 and the global lockdowns that have seen us all turning to technology like never before. With social distancing and growing isolation, we all looked to connect with one another in any way we could, and while for many the turbulent times were a source of hardship, Tawny was able to turn that turmoil into inspiration, penning ‘New Way to Be’ as a symbol of unity and to show that we’re all in this together.

Inspired by the highs and lows of 2020, Tawny came up with the words and melody for her new single in a creative flurry, pouring every emotion she had felt over the past year into the piece, before collaborating with her producer to shape it into a truly stunning Christmas single.

A magical pop song that shines with true, festive spirit, ‘New Way to Be’ opens onto a delicate, blossoming soundscape of Christmas bells and light, digital tones. It’s a familiar, but wonderfully captivating scene, one that shines with a smooth RnB influence and layers of undeniable soul. As the melody builds, Tawny’s vocals land, seamlessly blending the light, euphonious tones with melancholic, yet hopeful vibe. Expressive and completely flawless, Tawny’s vocals perfectly convey the tone of the single, forging that sought-after human connection and flowing brilliantly with the transitions of the track. There’s no better example of this fact than in the choruses, with each one soaring with ethereal pop sounds, warm, heartfelt tones, and subtle, building acoustics.

When speaking about the song, Tawny candidly explained that the story behind ‘New Way to Be’ is about connection, remaining joined with the people that matter, and that “even if listeners feel alone, I am reaching out to them through this song with a big hug”, and she couldn’t have captured those sentiments any better. More than just a modern Christmas single, ‘New Way to Be’ is a heartfelt and truly emotive release that resounds with a sense of richness and joy, holding out a hand and letting us all know we’re not alone this Christmas.

You can tune in to the new single above alongside its official music video and be sure to follow Tawny of her social media pages below, so you never miss a release.

Score: 8/10

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