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Temperature Falls – ‘I Want To Go Where You Go’

  • 4 min read

Somewhere between the global pandemic, raging bushfires, worldwide protests, and the other various disasters that have made up 2020, the Norwegian duo of Temperature Falls have been hard at work, laying the foundation for their sophomore record. A band who have become synonymous with diverse and fiercely original releases, the duo of Ian J. Ward and Camilla spent their year releasing a stellar string of singles, pushing the boundaries of their alternative sound and igniting the flames that would become ‘I Want To Go Where You Go’.

After first catching out attention with the release of their eponymous debut record last year, Temperature Falls have become a constant fixture on our pages, taking to 2020 with some of their most intoxicating singles to date. They were a trilogy of lush release that gave the first flickers of what to expect from their enigmatic second album, and yet, while each single delivered its own kaleidoscopic pop sound, the full album stands on a completely different level.

Opening with previous single ‘Cut The Wire’, the new album begins with a familiar atmosphere of evocative trip-hop sounds and rolling bass tones, breaking the silence with a textured ensemble of electronic sounds. An intricate opening release that captures the dark heart of the album, ‘Cut The Wire’ pushes us to examine what will happen when finally reach our breaking point. Captivating to say the least, ‘Cut The Wire’ is one of Temperature Fall’s most intoxicating releases to date, diving deep into the heart of the human condition and piercing it with a lush electronic sound.

In a quick-fire change of pace, second cut ‘Don’t Think I’m Shallow’ hits with a dynamic bout of 90’s percussion, creating a vibrant, yet nostalgic sound that layers sweetly sung vocals and harmonic tone with drastic, industrial choruses. Spiritually, it’s a perfect successor to ‘Cut The Wire’, offering a powerful, almost righteous sound and unyielding lines like ‘I gave you chances, alright”. Revelling in shifting, layered sounds that clash and contrast with growing power, third cut ‘Maybe’ shines with a more pronounced RnB sound, laying the foundation for another firm favourite, ‘1-2-3’. At only two-and-half minutes long, it’s one of the album’s briefest tracks, but also one of its most engaging, creating a free-flowing style that reveals something new every time you heart it.

As the latter half of the album arrives, Temperature Fall’s creativity seems to only increase, with the sporadic, untamed creative nature of ‘1-2-3’ expands and reaches out for new genres. A bold display of atmospheric distortion and swirling ambient sounds, ‘Zuzu’s Petals’ is a master class in combining mainstream appeal with bold emotive strikes and touch of eclecticism. It’s a noticeable turning point in the album, one where the more complex and experimental sounds fade and give way to more cohesive and mainstream indie sounds.

Glistening with shades of Aurora, Grimes, and other such indie-electronic artists, ‘FLY’ unleashes a steady stream of beats that lay down a perfect platform for Camilla’s angelic vocals. It’s poignant, impressive, and wonderfully placed, artfully combining all the best parts of their unique style with a more accessible sound. Following cut ‘Waves’ follows suit, developing a more expansive sound and creating the duo’s most intoxicating and entrancing soundscape on the album, before ‘Free’ returns to the more existential sounds that Temperature Falls have become synonymous with.

As the album arrives at its final track, the dark journey comes full circle, and we’re left hanging on to the delicate, neo-soul sounds of ‘Solace’. A split musical personality that offers electronic vibrancy and an unshakable pop energy in each chorus, ‘Solace’ is a triumphant final push that offers a final sense of clarity, drawing clean, evocative lines through an often blurry and emotionally-driven release.

Without doubt, ‘I Want To Go Where You Go’ is an album of two distinct halves, one that uniquely captures human moments and free creative tendencies, and the other that dips into more mainstream and direct sounds for the benefit of all.

Filled with emotive power, off-kilter melodies, and swarming sounds that breach your speakers in bursts, the first half of the album is a unique and unyielding experience, one that asks you to confront your experiences, relationships, and even your daily thoughts. It’s a powerful stream of tracks that favours artistic expression over commercial gains, creating a unparalleled and wonderfully engaging balance.

A definitive step forward from their debut, both in artistry, production, and sound, ‘I Want To Go Where You Go’ is the mark of a band finding their feet and learning what makes them stand out. While it’s not without its faults or troubles, no one can deny the quality on show, and if they can keep building on their momentum and keep pushing their sound into more direct channels, they’ll be topping the charts in no time.

You can stream the new album in full above, and be sure to follow Temperature Falls on Spotify and their social media pages below.

Score: 7.5/10

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