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The Cosmic Vultures – ‘Too Many Shapes’

  • 2 min read

Boston has always been known for its hard-knocks approach to rock ‘n’ roll, and by hook or by crook it’s been responsible for some of the most influential and monumental bands of the last several decades. A new band treading the same brilliant footsteps as Aerosmith, Pixies, and Mission Of Burma, The Cosmic Vultures are one of the next great bands to rise from that heavy underground scene, bringing with them a sharp blend of funk, rock, and dark psychedelic twists. After launching their aural assault in 2017 with the release of their debut EP ‘Black and White, and their acclaimed debut album the following year, The Cosmic Vultures are back with a visceral new record that is simply titled, ‘Too Many Shapes’.

Released under the banner of Oak Honest Records, the new album brings to light eight original pieces that all shine with The Cosmic Vulture’s diverse and dynamic sound. A direct, and straight-to-the-point maelstrom of hard-hitting hooks and untameable grooves, everything about the new record promises to excite and entertain, leaving nothing to chance and constantly lashing out with something more.

Opening cut, ‘Groovazoid’ wastes little time in making its mark, setting in motion a strong, solitary drumbeat and subtle funk melodies that flow freely throughout the track. As the vocals kick in, they’re met with an eclectic blend of sounds that hark back to early grassroots jams. There’s a raw energy to the track, one that carries through into ‘Voices’ and the title track, offering shades of DIY brilliance and some truly unique creative choices.

As the album continues ‘Blue Fire’ and ‘Sacred Heart’ see the band strike a free, melodic sound, while in ‘Junebug’ they let fly with a rolling cacophony of psychedelic sound, proving they’ve got some truly impressive trick up their sleeves. As the end of the album nears, The Cosmic Vultures turn to more emotive, acoustic sounds on ‘Vampires of Boston’, and a fittingly atmospheric close in the slow-burning final number, ‘Combustion’, ending the album with a determined and definitive final statement.

When they first announced the release, Oak Honest Records were quick to give their praise, exclaiming, “this album is stone-cold, it’s thoughtful, bold, and authentic as hell. We are damn proud to stand behind sounds this strong”, and to be honest it’s the perfect response to the album. While there might be moments of aimless wondering, semi-formulaic songwriting, and some rough production at play, there is also plenty of potential, ensuring that ‘Too Many Shapes’ is enjoyable, engaging, and wonderfully true to form.

You can stream ‘Too Many Shapes’ above via Spotify and be sure to tune into the band’s website and social media pages below so you never miss a beat.

Score: 7/10

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