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The Peace Accord and Guilherme Wolf – ‘Acoustic’

  • 2 min read

Music is an art form, and like any art form, there is a lively and passionate community behind it. This community has become a place where friendships and collaborations are born, sparking new inventions, new sounds, and bold new sounds. One of the most potent partnerships to surface from the community in recent years is that of Stephen Gilbert, better as by his creative moniker of The Peace Accord, and Brazilian DIY artist Guilherme Wolf. After meeting on Instagram, the kindred spirits and talented musicians joined forces, unleashing the raw, punk-infused single of ‘Froduslent’ and cementing their friendship.

With the dust still settling around ‘Froduslent’, The Peace Accord and Guilherme Wolf have crossed paths once more, releasing an impressive split EP that carries with it the stark lo-fi sounds that both artists have become known for. A four-track piece with each artist contributing two cuts, the new release is simply titled ‘Acoustic’, and it's a rare, haunting, and absolutely stunning introduction to two very talented independent artists.

Opening with The Peace Accord, the EP delivers a slow, fittingly acoustic sound, one that revels in emotive ambience and early 00’s indie. A simply stunning piece, ‘Bird Watcher’ opens the EP in perfect form, creating a texture, lo-fi sound that is infinitely complemented by Stephen’s sombre, honest vocals. Arguably one of the most ensnaring indie tracks we’ve heard this year, it’s a true delight, and a delightful partner to The Peace Accords second song, ‘Petites’. A cascade of acoustic guitar, ‘Petites’ lands in waves, creating a dynamic, tactile sound that flows with a careful balance of ambient sounds and raw vulnerability.

For Guilherme’s half of the EP, the Brazilian artist treads a far more harmonic path, delivering a light, flickering melody in opening track ‘Cabreúva’. A simple, rustic song, ‘Cabreúva’ is a fine tapestry of wandering acoustic guitar and rolling vocals, creating an enjoyable, organic sound that washes over you with the lightest of touches. In his second song, the intriguingly titled ‘Circle of Insanity’, Guilherme continues to build on his subtle acoustic sentiments, injecting some raw essence and heartfelt melancholy into the mix with an understated, stripped back and fragile sound.

It's not a rare thing for two artists to work well together, but when they can connect on the sort of level that ‘Acoustic’ hints at, it’s truly magical. Filled with a tight-knit balance of tender songwriting, rich acoustic melodies, and inviting vocals, both sides of the EP resound with a sense of heartfelt wonder, ensuring that anyone who hears them will be compelled to feel something new.

You can stream the full EP above, and don’t forget to follow both The Peace Accord and Guilherme Wolf on Instagram below.

Score: 8.5/10

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