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The Stone MG's – ‘Good Times’

  • 2 min read

A whirlwind rock ‘n’ roll duo, The Stone MG’s are the product of a dark creative world that was forged through chaos and clashing personalities. The fierce and seemingly unstoppable project of S. J. Waman and Rodney James, The Stone MG’s don’t just accept their conflicts, they actively revel in them, bringing the tension to a boil in a relentless creative pursuit. After finding common ground somewhere between the eternal sounds of Otis Redding and MC5, the band first made their mark with debut single ‘I Need You’ back in 2018, but now two years down the line, they’ve kicked things up a notch with new EP, ‘Good Times’.

A release that layers a unique patchwork narrative with fierce rock ‘n’ roll sounds, ‘Good Times’ brings to life a short collection of stories and characters that walk the dissipated city streets of Detroit, picking through the rubble and trying to build a life in the abandoned city. Opening with past favourite ‘I Need You’, the EP cuts deep into the heart of the mainstream, offering a relentless drumbeat, steady rolling bassline, howling vocals, and a sense of authenticity that modern music has been sadly lacking. Armed with rough-and-ready choruses that layer classic rock vibes with grit, determination, and plenty of emotive power, the song charts a dark journey of addiction, offering a more sinister interpretation of its title.

Second cut, ‘Shotgun Mick’ starts with the aptly and all too familiar sound of a shotgun firing, kicking the song into gear and starting the story of a self-destructive punk. Dripping in dangerous, reckless sounds that mirror the song’s character, it’s a track that lives for the moment and says Hell to the consequences, it’s filled with swagger and heavy guitar licks that drive the rattling, punk-infused song forward. Closing on a high, the EP ends with ‘Detroit, a song about betrayal and despair that resonates through brash guitar chords and subtle whirly tube howls that build upon a true rockabilly edge brilliantly. It’s another hard-hitting anthem that is impossible to ignore, painting a foreboding, but all too real image of modern life in the broken motor city.

In every way, the EP is a release for those who have been left behind by modern America. It’s a driven slice of hard rock anthemics that rejects polished sounds and useless words and instead cuts straight to the core, delivering frame after frame of essential rock ‘n’ roll. An EP that doesn’t shy from a fight or turn away from difficult issues, ‘Good Times’ is both a call to arms and a cry for change, and it’s exactly what the world needs right now. A release that heralds them as champions of classic rock ‘n’ roll, ‘Good Times’ is essential listening for absolutely everyone.

You can stream the EP above via Spotify, or find it today on Soundcloud and iTunes.

Score: 9/10

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