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the___fuzz – ‘Nighthorse’

  • 3 min read

An Italian singer and songwriter from the class of ’88, Federico Di Lorenzo first rose to prominence as a bass player, guitarist and blues harp element for a number of bands, bringing his textured and timeless sound to a blossoming music scene. With years of experience and seemingly limitless creativity, Federico has been on the cusp of greatness for years, and now, with the release of his debut solo album, he might have just made his most indelible mark to date.

Released under the musical moniker of the___fuzz and artfully titled ‘Nighthorse’, the new album arrives as a truly unique and cohesive project, one that was written, mixed and produced entirely by the___fuzz in his home studio. A ten-track release that cuts deep into the___fuzz’s life and experiences, everything about ‘Nighthorse’ is built to inspire feelings to bring solace, inviting conversation and healing, while also looking deep into the very centre of all our pains.

Opening with the deafening weight of ‘Fallen Lord’ and ‘Desert Roll Call’, the___fuzz casts his dark spell with effortless charm and an emotional maturity that stands firm beneath a textured hybrid of rock, blues, and deep Americana. Cast adrift under a wave of heavy atmospherics, the sound of ‘Nighthorse’ is one of stormy, emotional refrains and darkened passages, creating an open, raw aesthetics that reflects the most damaging and tumultuous moments of a relationship falling apart.

Based on highly autobiographical lyrics that the___fuzz brings to life with his haunting vocals, everything about ‘Nighthorse’ points towards an open-hearted confessional, offering moments of anger, loneliness, and loss. In tracks such as ‘The Assumption’, ‘Marauders’, and of course, the lead single ‘Underneath’, this emotive undercurrent is all too clear, and in many ways, the___fuzz’s tempestuous sound falls away, offering a clear and unashamed connection with his words and delivery. It’s an amazing thing to hear, and the way in which the___fuzz carefully crafts his visions prove his talents beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Elsewhere on the album, songs such as ‘48’, ‘Daisy Blossoms’, and the anthemic title track highlight the more honest, heart-breaking moments, tying old-fashioned character with a heaviness that strips aware any comfort and forces you to appreciate the nuanced moments. Ultimately, where the album really shines is in its diversity, complexity, and originality, throwing away the rule book and common form in favour of more honest songwriting that is specific to his own point of view.

Speaking about the album with local publication ‘Indiesponenti’, the___fuzz candidly gave his opinions and inspirations of the album, pushing the personal nature to another tier. In the piece, he speaks earnestly about the songs, capturing the essence of the album, and highlighting some of the themes that make it so wonderfully engaging.

Emerging as a complete and wonderfully passionate release, ‘Nighthorse’ is a work of care and attention, channelling a deft wave of sound and emotion into a raw and cresting anthology that speaks volumes. Filled with nostalgic sounds and timeless, universal themes, it’s an album that boldly treads its own path, concerning itself more with honestly and recovery than chart-topping success. It’s perhaps this quality that makes it so enrapturing, balancing quality riffs with equal sparring distortion and clarity to reflect troubled minds and hurt hearts as they traverse their dark path to freedom.

Available now on most streaming platforms, and soon to be available as limited-edition CD and vinyl pressings, ‘Nighthorse’ is an album of impressive scale and magnitude, and the___fuzz should be incredibly proud of it.

Score: 8/10

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