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TheMindSettlers – ‘TakeyourTime’

  • 2 min read

The Montreal-based experimental electronica duo of TheMindSettlers have shared another dose of tranquil sonic brilliance with their new single, ‘TakeyourTime’. For their latest alt-ambient single, the talented duo of Simon Verreault and William D'Agostino have borrowed the rhythmic pulses of the ocean to remind their ever-growing fanbase that pace is the trick and to provide an opportunity to dip into a pool of lush azure chords.

Inspired by one of the greatest forces of nature, the new single sees pulsing sounds set against tranquil beats and oscillating electronic flows, with ‘TakeyourTime’ transcending to a spiritual level, defying the usual constraints of electronic production. Musically, it’s a minimalist delight, but within the track the quiet beats, lies a meditative force that stands firm and never fails to inspire.

Delivering an electronic cathartic fix that perfectly lives up to the band’s emotive moniker, ‘TakeyourTime’ is a powerful illustration of their gorgeous sound, and with more releases in the pipeline, it proves that TheMindSettlers are worth a spot on your radar.

Speaking openly about the new singles, TheMindSettlers explained, “The idea came when we went around the city of Montreal and found some surfers close to Lachine Canal. The base chords remind the flow of the water, and we added a water noise sample in the background to accentuate that feeling.”

After first meeting at the school of Sound and Music Production in Montreal (RAC) in 2015, Simon Verreault and William D'Agostino found tan instant chemistry, and ever since that day, they’ve continued to artistically evolve to offer their growing fanbase a unique experience. Their debut release ‘Bocdeth’ hit the airwaves in December 2021, and a string of successful singles have followed, allowing the duo to average 7,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. After the release of ‘TakeyourTime’, there is a promise of a longer release in the pipeline.

Score: 8/10

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