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Tomer Borenstein – ‘Binding The Void’

  • 2 min read

Every so often, serendipity strikes on Spotify and a largely unknown artist finds their way into the spotlight, catching you off guard and taking over almost instantly. This is how we first came to find Tomer Borenstein, a hidden gem that first formed in Israel way back in 2010 as part of the collaborative Tomer Studio. Since then, Tomer’s fledgling music project has grown in size and scale, channelling a heavy progressive rock sound into his debut single ‘At First’, and his captivating four-track EP, ‘Binding The Void’.

Originally released back in 2018, ‘Binding The Void’ a rare and humbling release that shines with an enduring DIY spirit, capturing heart, soul, and endless passion in a torrent of exploratory grunge sounds. A unified creative vision where all arrangements, lyrics, vocals, and composing were done purely by Tomer Borenstein himself, including various guitar, bass, and keyboards sections, ‘Binding The Void’ is an album that demands attention, and the fact that it’s barely been noticed on Spotify is a true tragedy.

In opening cut ‘Something New’, Tomer teams up with Idan Shahar and Nir Nakav to create a stellar illustration of his sound, blending an ambient astral sound with driven, mixed guitars and building atmospherics. It’s a patient opening line, one that breaks in an instant and unleashes a dark wave of heavy rock anthemics, industrial influences and rapid-fire movements that are both aggressive, overwhelming, and entertaining. As Tomer’s vocals emerge, they carry with them a true grunge spirit, catching fire and delivering a sound akin to Richard Kruspe of Emigrate, or even the late, great Lemmy of Motörhead. Titanic, while also deeply melodic, ‘Something New’ is an apt introduction to the project, and it sets the stage perfectly for things to come.

In second track ‘The Misfits’, Tomer unleashes another dynamic, hard rock introduction that shines with an undeniable alt-rock edge. Like a straight shot of heavy musical aggression, the song hits hard, offering more of Tomer’s gritty, dominating vocals that resound with a passionate refrain, while the instrumentals kick and fight to make themselves heard the whole way through. Moving forward, the title track lands with a more emotive touch, building itself from a whirlwind of howling guitars and deft cinematic touches that quickly become one of the EP’s most visceral highlights. Armed with thunderous percussions, screaming vocals, and strained guitars, it’s a lavish song founded on dynamic contrasts and musical shifts, showcasing Tomer’s more visceral, evocative side with some truly mesmerising breakdowns.

As the final track arrives, Tomer returns to his originals, bringing ‘At First’ back into rotation and paying homage to where it all began. A fitting finale, the song offers a slow-burning melody, deep basslines, and steady, restrained instrumentals that twist and turn at will, illustrating a far more experimental and eclectic style that leans heavily on modern progressive rock.

Brilliantly composed, ‘Binding The Void’ is a true hidden gem that is well worth discovering, and its quality is a testament to both Tomer’s creative abilities and his studio’s skills. Stream the release above and be sure to check out Tomer Studio for your next release.

Score: 9/10

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