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TOMER – ‘Tears’

  • 2 min read

An artist, songwriter, and model who has become one of the most talked-about names in 2021, TOMER first appeared on our radar last month with the release of ‘Superman’, a shining example of modern pop done right. With over 340,000 views on YouTube alone, ‘Superman’ perfectly encapsulated TOMER’s sound, illustrating his passion for music and uniquely exuberant style. Now, just a month later, TOMER is back with another glimpse of his new album, and with it, he’s sounding more captivating and confident than ever.

Titled ‘Tears’, the new single continues where ‘Superman’ left off, seamlessly blending glossy pop aesthetics with waves of emotionally-charged EDM magic. Opening with a subtle rising sound and TOMER’s longing vocals, ‘Tears’ sets an instant tone, dedicating itself to the broken-hearted and those times that love has slipped away. As synths build and the tempo rises, TOMER delivers a triumphant change of pace, slipping into a dynamic rock sound that revels in a dark blend of electric guitar and thunderous percussion.

A track filled with pain and honest emotion, ‘Tears’ is a stunning piece of modern age pop, delivering a killer hook and some sharp, relatable lyrics like “You used to love me, for many years, and all you've left are tears”. Musically, the change-up in ‘Tears’ is nothing short of genius, and the combination of dynamic, new rock sounds with TOMER’s typically polished electro-pop sound in utterly unmissable, proving exactly why he’s been label ‘one of the most promising new talents in music’.

Combined with the track’s official music video, which has already notched up over 250,000 views since its releases, ‘Tears’ is an essential musical experience for any fan of pop, rock, or new age electronica. Check it out below via YouTube.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Tears’ is an undeniable new release from TOMER that is bound to make him a household name. Check it out above and be sure to follow TOMER on his social media pages below so you don’t miss his upcoming album when it drops.

Score: 8/10

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