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Tower Crane Towers – ‘Ep.’

  • 2 min read

Emerging from the ether in the Summer of 2018, Tower Crane Towers formed, at least conceptually as a multimedia art project spearheaded by an enigmatic duo of creators and innovators. An outlet for their unspent creative energy and seemingly unlimited ideas, Tower Crane Towers evolved to become an all-encompassing project. Built from street art, stickers, black and white photographs, and iconic imagery, the project found its feet in a fervour of creative energy, growing to include a DIY perfuming project and an eclectic mix of music and soundtracks.

With music being the first love of both collaborators, the unnamed artists decided to add to their line-up in early 2019, adding a second guitarist, drummer, and bass player who helped build the signature ‘TCT’ sound. Little by little, the words that had been composed for use within the project’s street art were remade into songs, marking the first steps towards their debut EP.

Armed with fast and driving melodies and emotionally challenging lyrics, Tower Crane Towers set to work putting their music to tape, and by October 2019, ‘Ep.’ had been recorded, mastered, and sent to press, ready to be released onto an unsuspecting world.

Available now both digitally and on impressive limited edition starburst colour vinyl, ‘Ep.’ is a stunning statement of creative intent, encompassing the band’s diverse and tactile sound in incredible form. You can order both versions through Bandcamp today.

While it is currently unknown whether the group will ever decide to allow their energy to manifest on stage, or whether they would even publicly announce such an appearance, the band’s work stands for itself, and the band are confidence that certain statements are powerful enough on their own, and need only exist to accomplish their aim.

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