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Train Room – ‘Hurricane of Love’

  • 2 min read

The musical moniker of songwriter Joe Monaganz, Train Room has been sending us glimpses of his new album throughout 2021, building momentum and drawing critical acclaim with tracks like ‘Delicate Bones’ and ‘Horizons’. It’s been a long road for the Mayo native, especially after departing from his record label in Sweden, but now that the album is here, it’s been well worth the wait.

An album that has been self-funded and self-produced by Train Room, ‘Hurricane of Love’ has taken shape over the past two years, evolving under his own momentum and creative control. The result is an album free of superfluous commercial add-ons and frills, one that is stripped back, unified, and just as Train Room intended.

Filled with a distinct blend of strong melodies, classic folk-rock instrumentals, and Train Room’s own rustic vocals, the album is a unique musical adventure that perfectly builds on his previous work. Throughout the nine original pieces that make ‘Hurricane of Love’, there is ample space for Train Room to illustrate his blossoming maturity, and the songs hold to a far more organic feel, unfolding over a growing expanse of downtempo vibes and strong bass lines that show the level of patience and care that he’s put into the album. Nothing is rushed or forced, even in the more electronic phases, and the result is an abundance of flowing, emotive melodies and carefully curated compositions that will impress even the most stoic of listeners.

Speaking openly about the album in his press releases, Train Room explained the importance of the record and how hard it’s been to finally bring it to light, “as an independent artist with no management or PR this has been a huge financial to finish this album. I hope you can listen to it and enjoy. I missed out on all available grants for recording last year but kept going and truly proud now to finally have an album to call my own.”

An album that has rightfully drawn praise from all across the UK and Ireland, ‘Hurricane of Love’ is one of the most complete albums of the year, and its status as a truly independent release helps to enhance every texture, emotion, and poignant moment that Train Room has drawn on to make it. A truly rewarding listen, and an utterly undeniable debut, the record is absolute proof of Train Room’s abilities.

Score: 8.5/10

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