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Trapped In Darkness – ‘Sinner’

  • 2 min read

In March of 2020, there was a single moment between poet and lyricist Armando Villegas and Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy that would ripple through the coming years. In a chance meeting, Alissa learned of Armando's poems and was heard to remark "sounds like metal lyrics", and from there, Trapped In Darkness was born.

A unique musical project that sees Armando’s lyrics layered over music by Colin Parr and Tyler Conron, Trapped in Darkness artfully combines Black and Death metal into a devastating and brutal union. Infusing their music with biblical folklore, and both anarchistic and historical events, the band’s sound is a tempestuous blend of powerful lyricism, masterful harmonies and, bold, yet brutal melodies that deliver an undeniably powerful sound.

An impressive introduction to the band, ‘Sinner’ arrives as their cataclysmic debut single, one that has carved out an unapologetic path in a surprisingly short space of time. Musically, it’s a bold and undeniable piece, one that hits hard with thunderous appeal and a raw primal energy. As guitars rip and tear their way through your speakers, the song explodes with rapturous percussion and Armando’s snarling vocals as he ferociously exclaims “God damn this world, God damn their faith.” It’s a heavy and unassailable wall of sound that builds, and it’s absolutely fantastic to hear.

Alongside the release of ‘Sinner’, the band have also shared the official music video for the single, which was filmed at the DC Music Toronto Rehearsal Studios Sound Stage. Check it out below.

More than just a brilliant introduction to the band, ‘Sinner’ is also a bold introduction to their debut album, ‘Crematorium’, which is due for release later in the year. Speaking about the upcoming album, the band remarked that it is, “a collaboration with long-time friend Mara Lisenko, our album and our videos with Darkmoon Productions will showcase the talent and skill we have spent so much time trying to perfect.”

They continued, “’Crematorium’ explores the dark side of the human soul. A perfect showcase of the band's musical, technical and compositional skills. The nihilistic shivering sounds of Black Metal and the anger of Death Metal, in perfect chaotic harmony.”

Score: 8/10

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