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Trey Connor – ‘Aloof’

  • 2 min read

An indie-rock artist who first experienced the spotlight as a casting finalist on The Voice, Trey Connor is becoming a highly anticipated new talent, and with word of a four-track EP in the works, there’s plenty to be excited about. While there’s no definite release date for the EP, Trey has recently shared a gorgeous first glimpse, delivering an emotive, sonically driven break-up song that is simply called, ‘Aloof’.

A single that finds itself cast adrift in sentiment, emotion, and dark, relatable moments, ‘Aloof’ is a stunning introduction to the 24-year-old singer-songwriter’s style. Armed with a decisive pop-rock feel, the single builds a unique, dreamy soundscape, one that ebbs and flows beneath an expansive, self-reflective melody, creating a perfect platform for Trey’s vocals. Lyrically, the song pulls at the heartstring, with Trey’s textured croon delving into feelings of loss and isolation, digging beneath the surface and delivering poetic lines like "for so long I've been aloof, surrounded by you".

While heavily emotive, there is also plenty of commercial appeal surrounding the new single, and its powerful, guitar-driven sound goes a long way to ensuring that the song progresses and builds in the most intoxicating of ways. Cathartic, poignant, but ultimately triumphant, ‘Aloof’ is a rare single that can so easily find its way into your heart and soul, creating an indelible impression that will linger with you for months, if not years, to come.

‘Aloof’, along with the other three tracks from the upcoming EP, were all recorded, mixed, and produced by Jake Rye at Social Recording Company and mastered by The Foxboro.

Speaking candidly about the single, Trey explained, “’Aloof’ took me about a month to write. I came up with all of the guitar parts first and then added the melody and lyrics after I had roughed out the structure. Unlike how a lot of songs go, the writing process was really easy and came naturally. I had a blast working with Jake Rye and seeing him really bring this one to life during the production phase.”

Collectively, Trey’s upcoming EP is set to focus on the importance of mental health and the struggle of trying to find a healthy balance of reality and imagination. It’s this message that helps make ‘Aloof’ so easily accessible and utterly essential, and if he can maintain that same sense of personal magic in the rest of the EP, it could be one of the best releases of the year.

Score: 9/10

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