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Ultra_eko – ‘Into the Multiverse – The Subsequel Mixes'

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When we last met Ultra_eko had risen from the ashes of the unfortunately doomed ‘Croydon Space Exploration’ program, hoisting himself up from the wreckage and leaving his post as the emissary and ambassador to the human race to carve out a brand-new path. In the Spring of 2019 Ultra_eko finally emerged from his transformative state, launching himself into the music world with a newfound purpose, and by the closing months of 2020, he had armed himself with an impressive musical arsenal, boasting a full EP and two critically acclaimed albums, including the near-perfect and conceptually brilliant ‘Alternate Realities’.

While that might have been enough for more artists, Ultra_eko has continued to stoke the fires of his new career in 2021, digging deep into his bag of tricks and releasing ‘Into the Multiverse – The Subsequel Mixes’, a twelve-track remix album that breathes new, cosmic life into ten tracks from ‘Alternate Realities’, along with two of Ultra_eko’s old favourites, ‘Broken Glass’ and ‘Yellow’. A unique experience every bit as exciting and engaging as ‘Alternative Realities’, the new album is also a sharp introduction to the other prominent figure in the space projects chequered history, the one and only Subsequel.

Flicking back through the history books, we find Subsequel as the technological partner to Eko; the mind and scientific heart of the Croyden Space Exploration project, and the man who made it all happen. While Eko was the face and brand of the project, it was the technological anomaly of Subsequel who made the entire operation feasible. While his origins are steeped in mystery, Subsequel’s end is all too well documented, with his unfortunate destruction arriving as the result of a bombing campaign orchestrated by rival borough Lewisham, who were attempting their own space project. As luck would have it, some of Subsequel’s components survived, and Ultra_eko was able to piece something of the original Subsequel together, and while he’s no longer able to twist and manipulate time and space, has taken up the curious hobby of remixing musical beats and rhymes.

The result of this tinkering is a bold new collection of mixes that elevates Ultra_eko’senjoyable and infectious project to a whole new celestial plane. Starting with a new mix of the aptly titled ‘The Second Chapter’, the new record carves a far more upbeat aesthetic, layering controlled dance tones over the original hard cast anthemics. It’s a deft and calculated change, one the lightens the atmospherics, but keeps all the power, perfectly showcasing the tight-knit chemistry between Eko and Subsequel. Elsewhere on the album, Subsequel works his magic with Streets-like vibes on ‘Day Tripper’, smooth house sounds on ‘Cash Money Moolah’, and some simmering funk brilliance in lead single ‘Pingu’.

In the new mix of ‘Girl from Round the Way’, Subsequel brings in some sultry trap-hip tones that mingle perfectly with the spirit of the original, lowing the tempo and constructing waves of wistful, semi-nostalgic romance. It’s a breath of fresh air that changes the tone of the track, offering a new soulful sound that lingers into the reminiscent vibes of ‘My Old Man’. In closing numbers ‘Where You At?’ and ‘Ashes to Ashes’, Subsequel ramps up the energy and vibrancy of each cut, ending on a high and catapulting the listener into a whirlwind of bright, house-funk sounds. While it’s all unforgettable stuff, the real magic of the album lies in the new mixes of ‘Broken Glass’ and ‘Yellow’, two tracks that first surfaced as standalone singles in 2019. While the originals were rough and ready rap anthems that charged headfirst into the fray, Subsequel’s versions are more polished, sophisticated, and arguably more entertaining, cutting away the rough edges and building them into unstoppable electronic bangers. Check them out for yourself below.

With a true spark of invention, Subsequel has been able to turn Ultra_eko’s sophomore epic into a cosmic collection of house-infused anthems, one that comes complete with a fine medley of synths, structured beats, and vibrant, unshakable dance brilliance. A testament to the hard work of both creatives, and a strong indication of their talents, ‘The Subsequel Mixes’ is another strong release from Ultra_eko, proving that he’s well and truly risen above the troubles of his past and looking forward to a far brighter future.

You can stream the new mixes above in full and be sure to follow Ultra_eko on his social media pages below so you never miss a release or more glimpse into the lingering tragedy that is Croyden Space Exploration project.

Score: 8.5/10

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