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V – ‘Welcome’

  • 2 min read

Every so often, the music world is shaken to its core by the arrival of a talent so undeniable, that it shatters perceptions and redefines genres. For the good people at XLM+, they believe that latest revolutionary talent is one of their own, the bold, brash and wonderfully enigmatic V. While it’s easy to make the claim, it’s harder to back it up, but after hearing his latest single, we’re finding it pretty hard to disagree with the idea.

After first appearing on Philadelphia’s music scene with the release of his breakthrough single ‘No Church on Sunday’, which has since gone on to rack up over 25,000 streams on Spotify, V proved that he was more than just another hip-hop hopeful. A man on a mission with a message to share, V A.K.A. the ‘Big M’, has been racking up streams, co-signs and features ever since.

With his new single, simply titled ‘Welcome’, V has definitely stepped up his game, delivering an electrifying anthem that is built on brief, but wonderfully high-powered sounds. At just one-minute-and-ten-seconds in length, the track is easily one of the quickest rap cuts we’ve encountered, but in just seventy-seconds, he manages to do more than most artists can in a full album.

Cloaked in polished beats, digital vibes, and some subtle industrial tones, ‘Welcome’ fires on all cylinders, delivering wave after wave of coarse, melodic sounds that hit hard and then keep on hitting. Sparce, anthemic, and destined to make its mark. Shaking with hardcore aesthetics that crash over the more cinematic qualities of the track, ‘Welcome’ lashes out with a massive, dynamic sound, one that strips away the gloss and glamour of mainstream rap and delivers an authentic slice of old-school hip-hop.

The sharp sound of a hip-hop revolution, ‘Welcome’ was produced by hitmaker Saint Cardona (who has previously worked with Young M.A., Fivio Foreign and many more), and it serves as a quick, but unforgettable introduction to V’s bold, relentless style. Tune in below via Soundcloud.

An impressive introduction to V’s highly anticipated debut mixtape that is scheduled for releases in February next year, ‘Welcome’ is the clear and defiant sound of a self-proclaimed ‘revolutionary’.

For more tracks like ‘Welcome’, and to get updates on the many singles that V has in store throughout 2021, be sure to follow him on his social media pages below.

Score: 8/10

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