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Vince Spano – ‘Relapse’

  • 2 min read

An artist armed with a gritty, post-grunge sound and plenty of heavy bass grooves, Vince Spano has been hard at work turning his rock revivalist dream into a reality. After being inspired by a Guns N’ Roses CD when just five years old, Vince has developed a true boot kicker mentality, combining sultry, grunge-infused sounds with smoky alt-rock vibes in his new single, ‘Relapse’.

Taken from his forthcoming EP, the new cut has been described as “a serpentine earworm unafraid to bite and inject its infectious energy,” cutting you to the quick and introducing Vince in perfect form. Delivering an undeniable sound that hinges on popular 2000s rock sounds and gritty, emotive vocals that shine through raw and wonderfully honest lyrics that touch on stark, human moments.

Built to cultivate a true emotional responsible, ‘Relapse’ is a song that flows with some exemplary guitar work, offering a textured, yet explosive style that rattles and rolls amongst the indie rock melodies. Speaking about the new single, Vince explained, “This is my first single off my new EP, The Prescribed Project, it’s a project that I have been working on for a very long time in hopes of bringing the sound of the music I grew up on, back into the mainstream to inspire a whole new generation of people.”

After making his mark with debut EP, ‘Letters from The Space Man’, Vince has given his listeners an expressive new single that is sure to impress, capitalising on a dominant sound that will lift your pulse and remind you of the dramas involved in having too many insane nights.

Vince started his music career by writing songs and playing small gigs in his hometown, but it wasn’t long before his ambitions took over. After finishing high school, he got an RV and ventured wherever the music guided him. During the 2020 lockdown, he recorded a series of acoustic demos to form his debut EP, ‘Letters from The Space Man’. His latest single, ‘Relapse’, was released on July 22nd; it is the first song from his upcoming EP, ‘The Prescribed Project’.

Score: 7.5/10

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