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Vivien Aisi – ‘Lost in Time’

  • 2 min read

Born in Papua New Guinea, but not calling Cairns, Australia home, Vivien Aisi has risen to become one of the coastal city’s most promising soul singers. After starting her career supporting various bands and recording artists, Vivien took the bold step of recording her own original material, stepping out into the spotlight with a small, but stunning collection of singles, many of which have ended up on our Spotify playlists throughout the year.

Easily one of the most charming and soulful new talents that 2020 has to offer, Vivien has recently released her debut EP, the five-track collection that has been poetically titled ‘Lost in Time’. Shining with a stylish RnB sound that Vivien artfully weaves into her vulnerable, soul style, the EP arrives as one of those rare releases that are both wonderfully personal and expressive, but also universally appealing, capturing human moments and presenting them to the world with a fearless sense of self.

Packed with fan-favourite and previous singles like ‘Kiss the Stars’, ‘Nine to Five’, and of course the title track, ‘Lost In Time’ shines with familiarity and wonderfully human moments, exploring themes of love, life, and loss in gorgeous details. In opening single ‘Kiss the Stars’, Vivien paints an emotive, perfectly poignant picture with the help of collaborator and beatmaker Dane Heslin, showcasing her sentimental songwriting style and amazing vocals with crystal clarity.

Following suit, ‘Nine to Five’ and ‘Lost in Time’ breathe with textured, downtempo sounds, blending chilled hip-hop beats with contemporary soul sounds to create a simply gorgeous pair of songs. In between the singles, new cuts ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Just Leave’ hold their own, flowing with some gentle piano keys, subtle atmospherics, and beautiful, texture melodies that are sure to move even the most stubborn of hearts, completing the EP with charm and perfect poise.

A release that proudly brings soul back to the mainstream, ‘Lost in Time’ is an expansive debut EP that seamlessly blends genres and emotions, carrying with it a deep emotive weight that belies the more chilled hip-hop overtones. A lifelong dream come to fruition, the EP is music made with heart, and it’s all the better for it.

Tune in today on Spotify and all major platforms and be sure to follow Vivien on her social media pages below so you never miss a release.

Score: 8/10

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