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Vukov – ‘Starlight’

  • 2 min read

A talented songwriter with a brilliant collaborative spirit, Vukov seamlessly blends a maelstrom of different styles and sounds with his own sense of symbolism, layering sharp spiritual sounds with a desire to create change and unite us all. Equality, diversity, and compassion are all common themes within Vukov’s music as he delivers a constant stream of visceral, self-aware sounds, working with various artists to bring his work to life. Now, with his new single, Vukov has turned his attention to the global COVID-19 pandemic, unleashing ‘Starlight’ as a way to confront this universal tragedy.

While Vukov previous releases have covered everything from rock to rap, ‘Starlight’ is his first major foray into the pop world, and it’s absolutely perfectly placed, hitting with a vibrant, easily accessible sound that we can all take comfort in.

A contemporary and uniquely relevant piece, the new single beautifully pairs a simple, downtempo piano ballad with layers of ambient synths and emotional vocal harmonies, building a textured wall of sound that sets the perfect platform for the vocals. Lyrically, ‘Starlight’ shines with clever imagery and a very personal approach, shaping a narrative from the perspective of those suffering from COVID-19, and talking directly to the virus itself. A defiant statement that we won’t be beaten, as well as a call to unite and work together, everything about ‘Starlight’ taps right into your heart and soul.

Performed by the award-winning Joe Borowsky and Desislava Zlateva, who have captivated listeners around the world, ‘Starlight’ is a gorgeous release that everyone can relate to. Available now on Spotify and YouTube, the new single is Vukov at his absolute best, check it out below.

A bold single that ushers in a new age for Vukov, ‘Starlight’ is pop music built to impress, inspire, and shape the future for the better. Tune in to the new single above and make sure you follow Vukov on Spotify below so you can follow his incredible journey through music.

Score: 8/10

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