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Weekendson – ‘The Clown’

  • 2 min read

Whether it’s through his emotive instrumental pieces like ‘The Blurry Brain’, delicate collaborations with Irisey and Doddi, or through his own eponymous record, Weekendson has proven his musical abilities time and time again. After rising to prominence in 2019, he’s become one of the most prominent and impressive new talents in Iceland’s progressive rock scene, weaving his charming narratives and timeless folk influences with a universal appeal that transcends all boundaries. After charming us all with the release of ‘Friends’ at the start of the year, we’ve been holding out for new music from Weekendson, and now, thanks to the release of ‘The Clown’, we’ve finally got one, and it's been totally worth the wait.

A new and wonderfully autobiographical new release, ‘The Clown’ is heartfelt, introspective, and impressively honest, offering up a piece of Weekendson’s soul that we can all appreciate and relate to. Built on a shifting wave of acoustic guitar, the single is a stunning illustration of his Weekendson can create cinematic melodies from the simplest of ideas, blending his textured vocals, evocative lyrics, and an undeniably keen ear for composition brilliantly. Armed with light piano keys that shine throughout that track, as well as some stunning percussion from Mike Thorne of Canadian progressive rock outfit Saga, ‘The Clown’ is absolutely gorgeous, creating a beautifully familiar sound that soars in each chorus, emphasising the raw emotion and universal themes perfectly.

Speaking candidly about the new release, Weekendson explained, “The song is about me. I tend to make jokes rather than taking things too seriously. On meetings, I used to focus more on how I could be funny than listening and having something that made sense in the meeting. And I sometimes say stupid things at stupid times. I am the clown”. He continued, “…after I wrote the song, I heard that I was not alone. People told me about someone close to them that does the same. Always being a clown, sometimes being the clown instead of fronting issues and problems. Or to hide their real feelings”.

Available now on Spotify, and alongside the touching music video which you view below, ‘The Clown’ is an instantly charming release that will hold you well after it's faded to silence. Wrapped in golden strands and filled with relatable, poetic lines that speak from one heart to another, it’s powerful, apologetic, and absolutely perfect.

A song that follows on from his recent collaboration with Doddi, ‘The Clown’ is a gorgeous bridge between his more nuanced, ethereal releases and the pronounced progressive sounds that first made him, ensuring that there’s something there for all his fans.

Tune in to the new single above, and make sure you follow him on Spotify and his social media pages below so you can explore his incredible back-catalogue.

Score: 9/10

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