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Weekendson – ‘The Trap’

  • 2 min read

If you’re an avid follower of our website and social media pages, then the name Weekendson will undoubtedly strike a few chords. The Icelandic musician behind some of the most emotive and inspired indie-folk singles of the last few years, he’s built a reputation for blending textured vocals, evocative lyrics, and keen composition into mystic musical gems, but now, with the release of his new single ‘The Trap’, he’s decided to change things up in the most unexpected of ways.

An impressive collaboration with SAGA frontman Michael Sadler, ‘The Trap’ began as a solo piece for Weekendson, one that took shape over the course of a few months. After a while, Weekendson realised that to truly make ‘The Trap’ complete, he would need someone else to take over lead vocals, and so he took a leap of faith, contacting Sadler in the hopes that he could lend his own style and sound to the mix. Thankfully, Sadler loved the early demos, and together the two artists worked closely to finish the track and make it as close to perfect as it could possibly be.

An immediate and noted departure from some of Weekendson’s recent releases, ‘The Trap’ opens with an intoxicating flow of electronic beats, shaping the track with subtle atmospheric tones that simmer beneath the surface. As the seconds' pass, the song explodes with a torrential, almost industrial rock sound, breaking the mould with a heavy sway of devastating guitar chords, well-cast percussion, and nuanced keyboard notes that really make every moment standout. In the foreground, Sadler’s vocals define the track, perfectly capturing the tone and energy of the track, while Irisey appears once again to lend her own harmonic brilliance to the more orchestral, driven moments. Some of the most impressive moments in the song, the joint vocal harmonies that flicker in and out add some gorgeous depth to the piece, while each chorus sparks with sonic brilliance, creating an almost triumphant shift that wipes away all the tension and rewards attentive listeners.

An invigorating and perfectly executed single, ‘The Trap’ seamlessly draws from the musical legacies of both artists, combining their styles to create one of the most organic collaborations you’ll hear all year.

An exciting new release that will appeal to fans of both Weekendson and SAGA, ‘The Trap’ is as dynamic and expressive as you could hope for, cutting a fine line between two distinct worlds and proving why collaborations can be some of the most exciting events in music.

You can stream ‘The Trap’ above alongside its music video which features some unique artwork by Aleksandra Jovancic. If you’re a fan of the track, make sure you also follow Weekendson on Spotify so you never miss a release.

Score: 8/10

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