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Werewolves – ‘Enjoy Your Fat Self’

  • 2 min read

A powerhouse band from the broken heart of Flint, Michigan, Werewolves might have started as a cover band in the noughties, but they’ve quickly evolved into something much, much more. Now a fierce and unyielding force in their own right, the band first made their mark with the release of debut single, ‘Bloodbath’ in 2018, and since then they’ve gone on to conquer stages all across the United States. Today though, the band have shared their new LP, a titanic new release set to shake 2021 to its core.

Titled ‘Enjoy Your Fat Self’, the new record sees the band putting their raw, retro sound into full swing, picking up speed and creating a post-punk juggernaut that shows no sign of stopping. Shaking with the same sense of power and despondence that has made Mud Honey, Nirvana, and the Dead Kennedy’s so legendary, ‘Enjoy Your Fat Self’ is a dark, expressive blend of politically charged anthemics, expressive sounds, and controlled chaos that walks a fine line between caustic and catchy.

Opening with the thunderous title track, ‘Enjoy Your Fact Self’ wastes no time throwing you into a violent spiral of alt-rock infused brilliance that will have you on the back step from the very first verse. A dominant statement of intent, it’s an unforgettable introduction, and as the album continues, Werewolves work hard to ensure that they keep you locked away in a whirlwind of brash, abrasive sounds. In third cut ‘40th St. & 6th Ave’, Werewolves deliver a maelstrom of melodic grunge and electric fury, while ‘Toolshed’ rocks with stark, sleazy rock sounds that perfectly define the spirit of the album. Elsewhere, ‘Suffrage’ shatters the mould with a one-two, power-punk tempest, while ‘Way Low’ answers the questions of, what would have if psychedelic punk-infused was cast adrift in a sea of cataclysmic prog rock. A defiant, metamorphic release that demands to be heard, this is an album that definitely and unapologetically packs a punch.

Speaking openly about the new album, Werewolves cut things to the core, explaining, “The album denigrates our society, and the problems people refuse to face that continue our exponential plunge into societal extinction. It aims to tear down the walls to show you the mirror far on the other side, that is your fat self. The atrocities occurring in the cobalt mines in the democratic republic of Congo inspired the title track. Most people have devices like cell phones and have no idea how they are made or more importantly, where the materials come from, which shows us that the saying, ‘ignorance is bliss’, is alive and well in American culture.”

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Enjoy Your Fat Self’ is absolute proof that punk-rock still has a place in 2021. With their next record already in the works, it’s clear that Werewolves have what it takes to become one of the genre’s biggest names, so make sure you get well acquainted with ‘Enjoy Your Fat Self’ before they take over the scene for good.

Score: 8.5/10

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