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Wes King – ‘Easy Art’

  • 2 min read

Every so often, the UK’s indie scene is hit by a powerful new talent that sweeps away all other talents, firing off number one singles and setting the standard that all other bands push to meet. Recently, artists like Sam Fender, Jake Bugg, and YungBlud have proudly held that title, but now, it’s time to meet the next big talent, the one and only Wes King.

After being welcomed into the scene with the release of his debut solo single, ‘Living Strange’ in February this year, Wes has continued to impress, pushing his explosive indie rock sound to the limit and winning acclaim from fans and critics alike. With an arsenal of heavy sounds, powerful lyrics, and sharp, melodic compositions, Wes has already been heralded as a champion of the new indie scene, and on his new EP, the brilliant ‘Easy Art’, he’s more than lived up to the hype.

A meteoric four-track release that hangs on its influences, ‘Easy Art’ takes the listener on a raucous indie rock adventure, channelling a maelstrom of expressive sounds that perfectly showcase Wes’ talents as songwriter and musician. Opening with the title track, Wes perfectly explores some bold, Kinks-esque styles, doubling down on a gritty, guitar driven style, before be dives boldly into early 2000’s indie with very Libertines’ style ‘Come Home’. It’s a bold an evocative sound, one that is washed with golden age sounds and plenty of swagger.

For the closing two tracks of the EP, Wes delivers a gorgeous piano ballad in ‘Somebody’, letting his emotions flow and creating magic with the brilliant King Bea, before he closes the event with the upbeat anthem of ‘Day Time TV’, a vibrant closing track that ends the release on a definitive high.

Providing his audience with a quick, but brilliant musical journey, ‘Easy Art’ builds on Wes’ previous successes brilliantly, offering a bold illustration of his talents as both a lyricist, musician, and singer. With plans to get a full band behind him in the future, Wes is poised to become of the UK’s biggest stars, and if he can keep producing songs as captivating and brilliant as ‘Come Home’ and ‘Day Time TV’, they’ll soon be no stopping him.

Score: 8/10

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