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Wingman – ‘F Up My Life’

  • 2 min read

As a kid, Wingman surrounded himself in music, making beats and constantly pursuing new sounds, and while he might be all grown up now, his passion for music has only grown. Inspired by artists like Flume and Kasbo, Wingman eventually began experimenting with rapping over electronic drops, blending two distinct genres into a massive new sound of his making. Recently, he became one of the most talked-about new talents with the release of ‘Weird New Feelings’, a sharp and ensnaring single that artfully incorporated his skills as a pilot, but now, with the release of his latest single, he’s gone from exciting newcomer to undeniable creative visionary.

Titled ‘F Up My Life’, the new single takes lead from ‘Weird New Feelings’ in all the best ways, declaring a fresh start and a new outlook in the wake of the recent global pandemic. Musically, it’s a unique mix of vibrant pop, new age electronic, and timeless rap, cutting and pasting the best elements of each genre into a whirlwind of sounds and style that then wrapped in an undeniably positive and wonderfully refreshing vibe. Written in the heart of quarantine, it’s a single that demands to be heard, lashing out with layers of golden sound and an overarching authenticity that will appeal to mainstream audiences the world over.

Speaking candidly about the new single, Wingman explained, “I was beginning to change my attitude about not being happy with my situation. I said: Alright I'll just burn it all down and start over, simply because I'm in the mood”. It’s a mood we can all relate to, and it’s exactly what makes ‘F Up My Life’ so compelling, layering that sense of catharsis with a massively catchy track that is as entertaining as it is motivating.

Alongside the new single, Wingman has also released the official music video that adds new depth to the track and sees him reintroducing some more of his pilot skills. Throughout the video, we find Wingman getting hyped up for what’s to come, filling the space with palpable energy, neon lights, and a high dive out of an aeroplane. Check it below.

A single that sees Wingman coming back stronger and better than ever, ‘F Up My Life’ is a stellar contemporary track that encourages its listeners to follow their hearts and instincts over everything else. Available now on all major platforms, it’s a song that everyone needs to hear at least once.

Score: 7.5/10

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