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ZPEXTRE – ‘Hypnotized’

  • 2 min read

A singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, ZPEXTRE is an artist who lives on the fringes of modern music. With a sound that refuses to be pigeonholed, and uncanny ability to deliver songs that soaked in complexity and originality, he’s quickly become one of the most eccentric and unmistakable talents around. Boasting a dynamic array of influences, including Phillip Glass, The Clash, and Genesis, ZPEXTRE’s music constantly pushes you to feel new emotions, face your fears, and push to truly experience everything life has to offer, and on his fourth single ‘Hypnotized’, they’ve raised the bar yet again.

A single that well and truly lives within the realms of experimental, almost psychotropic sounds, everything about ‘Hypnotized’ is built to excite, rallying around tribal rhythms, dizzying tones, and a vast array of rapturous alt-rock anthemics. Like nothing you would have heard before, there is a dark magic to ‘Hypnotized’ that hits true every time you press play. Lyrically, it’s a song that reminds us that the world has its darkness, but that it also has its light, and while ZPEXTRE might occasionally dwell on the more wretched side of life, he ultimately drags you through to a more upbeat and motivated space, utilising the infectious energy of some sharp post-punk and psych-pop influences to absolute perfection.

When speaking of the track, ZPEXTRE candidly explained, “Every year, I go on a camping trip with about seventy of my closest friends. The 4-day trip is full of kindness, sharing, creativity and understanding. We forget about our phones, remove ourselves from civilization and create a community of our own. I think to myself, how perfect this life is and how all our troubles have disappeared. Could it be that I am Hypnotized?”

Recorded, produced, mixed by Koool Kojak in Hollywood, who brings an essential sense of euphoria to the mix, everything about ‘Hypnotized’ will have you moving, shaking, and wanting to change the world.

A pure soul put to music, ZPEXTRE’s new track is a joy to hear, and a true triumph of good vibrations and altruistic intent. You can find the new single on all major platforms, along with the official music video above.

Score: 8/10

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