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A well-balanced collection of songs, ‘Saved’ manages to capture both raw, emotional, and deeply passionate power and smoother, more melodic sounds, mixing the two together to form a unified vision. 
  • 2 min read
A brave endeavour, ‘Soulful Life Within’ emerges as one of the most complete debut’s we’ve ever had at Broken 8 Records. It’s poetic and brilliantly well-constructed, managing to remain more accessible than Clementine and Tempest’s work, while still maintain the same level of emotive quality that makes them great.

Another deft collection, ‘Nobody Talks About it’ sees Lucassen expanding his vision, experimenting more and connecting with even greater intensity. He’s taken the foundations built in his debut album and made ‘Nobody Talks About It’ and even more impressive instalment in his career, and that is something worth celebrating.

A singer-songwriter from the cold shores of The Netherlands, Martin Lucassen built his musical career with passion and forged it through hardship. Picking up his guitar again in 2014, Lucassen initially struggled with the demands and pitfalls of songwriting. After striving to recreate his creative process and tireless work to improve his musical talents, he decided to seek out the assistance of an American production company, one that he could trust and lend his authentic sounds to.
Laronda can be proud of her work and now that she’s on the right step to making her dream of drawing people to the heart of true worship through original music a reality.
  • 2 min read
It's an album of balance pieces that roam freely from palette and place to time and tone, drifting across genres with an ease that Jerry has long since mastered. It’s not perfect, but then soul music was never meant to be, and in true form, the wonder of ‘Made in Memphis’ lies not within the individual tracks, but within the unrelenting passion and undeniable power that Jerry plays them with.
  • 2 min read
An album that produces blow after blow of pummelling, skilfully placed riffs and distorted sounds, leaving only two logical conclusions, that Disinterment really are masters of the craft, and that ‘Defiled Covenant’ will be distorting minds and wrecking speakers for years to come.
  • 2 min read