echolily – ‘michelle's imagination (blue)’

Earlier this month we were introduced to echolily, a stunning artist wrapped in a world of bedroom pop, lo-fi electronica, and artful nostalgia. The introduction came on the back of her debut single ‘under the clocks (stay)’, an evocative release that we labelled as “one of 2021’s most ensnaring and important new tracks”, but little did we know that just three weeks later, echolily would be releasing an even more stunning single in the form of ‘michelle's imagination (blue)’.

A track that continues to build on the charming and effortlessly catchy sound that echolily set with her debut single, ‘michelle's imagination (blue)’ is a textured journey into the beyond, striking a soft, but wonderfully evocative balance between heartfelt authenticity and bold metaphysical themes. In true form, the new single perfectly illustrates the depth and diversity within echolily’s blossoming sound, delivering a gorgeous flurry of dark synth-pop sounds and some luscious trip-hop vibes.

In her own words, echolily explained the narrative behind the new single, stating, “The story behind the song revolves around an artist who feels like she is constantly being watched. She is stuck in a massive writer’s block while facing an eager audience. While staring at her blue coloured microphone, she is transported into a world… and finds out what’s on the other side of a writer’s block.” While ‘under the clocks (stay)’ might have first put echolily on the map, it’s tracks like ‘michelle's imagination (blue)’ that will undoubtedly bring her into the collective hearts and minds of the mainstream.

A perfect continuation of her sound, the new track is a bold new step in a growing musical legacy, showcasing her talent and creative vision in perfect form. Accompanied by some incredible visual art that is released on YouTube today, ‘michelle's imagination (blue)’ is more undeniable proof that echolily might be one of Australia’s most promising independent talents. You can stream the new single today as part our exclusive premiere, as well as on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and iTunes.

Born in Malaysia, but now calling Melbourne home, echolily is the creative moniker of Michelle Chong, a doctor and consultant anaesthetist by day, and an impressive bedroom musician by night. Using music as a way to escape the pressures and struggles brought on by the global pandemic, echolily’s sound lingers beautifully in the quiet spaces between downtempo electronica, textured synthpop, a rolling, ambient trip-hop.

Michelle has always expressed that she is constantly chasing the nostalgic high that comes from old recordings, and true to form, her new single resounds with the subtle textured tones of old cassette tapes and vinyl records, adding a depth to it that so many mainstream songs are lacking these days.

You can stream the new single above, and be sure to follow echolily on Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify so you never miss a release.

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