Flowerkid – ‘It’s Happening Again’

Last year, Sydney’s own Flowerkid released ‘miss andry’, a breakthrough indie-pop single that became one of our favourite and most-streamed singles of the year. It was a single that perfectly balanced heartfelt emotional with ensnaring alt-pop melodies, casting a spell that he had previously hinted at with the gorgeous ‘boy with the winfields and the wild heart’. Today though, Flowerkid has a new single to share, introducing a joyous new sound and beginning a new era of artistic exploration.

Teaming up with LA-based, Australian-native KUČKA, ‘It’s Happening Again’ is the first collaboration of Flowerkid’s blossoming career, and it comes at the perfect time, capitalising on millions of streams for his previous singles, along with a string of acclaim for the likes of Triple J, BBC Radio 1, Billboard, The Guardian, and NME.

Filled with raw, blistering production that artfully weaves in and out of a textured atmosphere of desperation and suffocation, the new single is a powerful backdrop for Flowerkid’s brutally honest writing, outlining his “internal and external struggles” perfectly. Speaking candidly about the new release, the young singer-songwriter explained, “My process of healing comes in three. ‘It’s Happening Again’ is my first step. I need to confront the very conniving voices that circle throughout my head. They tell me I can’t say what I’m about to say. So, I know what I have to do, and that’s to shout on the rooftops of every hardship I’ve ever had to climb. In the times of finding myself, I’ve had to lose myself first. And I’ve finally found that this loss of control was absolutely necessary.”

Alongside the new single, Flowerkid has also released a gorgeous new music video, directed by Barun Chatterjee, which perfectly draws you in while Flowerkid fights through a series of distressing scenarios. Check it out below.

Speaking about things to come, Flowerkid continued, “I want us to lose ourselves hand in hand, on this ethereal, spiritual, and timeless musical journey I created for us. I can’t wait for you to hear this excerpt of my heart and soul.”

A once-in-a-generation artist, Flowerkid has delivered another captivating and wonderfully timeless take on modern pop, one that exists beyond passing fads or trends, and arrives as something truly undeniable. Check out the new single above and be sure to follow Flowerkid on his social media pages below so you never miss a release.

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