Parmy Dhillon – ‘Even If I’

It was late last year when we first met Melbourne singer-songwriter Parmy Dhillion, and since then we’ve been absolutely hooked on his contemporary and wonderfully authentic indie sound. Heavily influenced by bands and artists such as Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, and Blind Melon, Parmy combines a timeless, nostalgic sound with hard hitting social commentary that is both familiar, yet confronting.

In previous releases, we’ve seen him channelling late ‘80s and early ‘90s styles into his mixes, capitalising on alt-pop balladry and real-life experiences to create a sharp, yet theatrical sound, and today, with the release of his new single ‘Even If I’, he’s continued to impress in every possible way.

A sweetly sung release that makes its mark with charming acoustic guitar and a warm, comforting central melody, ‘Even If I’ is nostalgic pop done just right. With authentic and instantly charming vocals and stripped-back production that lets the heart of the song shine, everything about ‘Even If I’ is carefully composed to put you at ease, wrapping you in a warm cascade of gentle, emotive moments and more pronounced pop overtones.

With over 50,000 plays on Spotify alone, Parmy has become a unique voice within the Australian scene, and his music has become an outlet for so many people over the years. With a personal approach that shows in every one of his releases, he’s become known as a deeply sensitive artist, one that is invested in the health of not only himself but also of his listeners and the wider world.

Alongside the release of ‘Even If I’, Parmy has also revealed a new music video for the single, which sees Parmy layering his new folk-pop single with candid scenes from a recent road trip. Check it out below via YouTube.

After taking some time away from music during the global pandemic, Parmy has returned to the scene with a renewed energy, releasing a string of impressive singles that are making waves all across the country.

You can stream the new single above, and don’t forget to follow Parmy on his social media pages below so you never miss a release or any of his upcoming shows.

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