Sam Matthews – ‘Après Minuit’

A powerful talent who has been making his mark on the club scene since 2020, Sam Matthews is arguably one of Germany’s most sought-after DJ’s and producers. Currently signed to independent dance label Mental Madness Records, Sam has become a true force of nature, lashing out with a vibrant series of EDM singles like ‘Hijo De La Luna’ and ‘Memories’.

With a keen ear for heavy beats, cascading melodies, and awe-inspiring drops, Sam has constantly pushed the boundaries of his innovative style, creating a fresh and wonderfully modern sound that is as bold as it is intoxicating. After branching out and exploring some sharp Latin pop vibes in the previous single ‘Bien Perra’, Sam has returned to his polished EDM roots with his brand-new cut, the gorgeously titled ‘Après Minuit’.

Released alongside some stunning new visuals, ‘Après Minuit’, the new track is an exploration of new sounds, taking the genre to some wild and wonderful new territories. Speaking openly about the new single alongside the new video, Sam explained, “What happens if you put together something weird, something old, something new, something French and something you'd call "get outta my head"? The answer is: SOMETHING FANTASTIC!”

Aspiring to be Sam’s biggest single to date, ‘Après Minuit’ hits with a bold, universal sound, one that continues to impress time after time. You can check out the new single and visual below, which offer a unique glimpse into the heart and soul of this massive new release.

Available now on all major streaming platforms, and on our very own Spotify playlists, ‘Après Minuit’ is a brilliant introduction to Sam’s unique style, offering a seamless and perfectly polished cascade of sounds that will have you enraptured. For more from Sam Matthews, make sure that you follow him on his social media pages below.

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