WARJO – ‘Twilight’

With 2021 now in full swing, a new wave of artists and music is flooding the airwaves, and while we’ve already seen some massive new singles, one of the most impressive has to be WARJO’s ‘Twilight’. A refreshing rock anthem that hits with a fine twist of psychedelic joy, it’s a musical experience that is expressive, entertaining, and wonderfully diverse, introducing WARJO in perfect and unmistakable fashion.

A musical project led by the one and only Keith Warren, WARJO is all about inclusivity and diversity, and while it’s primarily a vehicle where Keith can explore new sounds and bring his music to the world, it’s also stands as a safe creative space where new musicians can share in the spotlight. It’s a beautiful idea, and the kind of project that the world needs more of, but what’s even more impressive, is the sound that makes it. A powerful, polished, and almost overwhelmingly visceral track, ‘Twilight’ is the first official release from WARJO, arriving in the wake of six-minute epic ‘Armagideon Time’ which dropped on the 1st of January this year.

Offering a creeping arrangement of slow percussion and wandering guitar chords, ‘Twilight’ lingers between dark rhythmic sounds and immersive psychedelic sounds. A largely instrumental piece, WARJO’s new cut revels in brooding, atmospheric tones that wash over the listener, creating a unique aural experience. As the track reaches its peak, Keith’s droning, Pixies-esque vocals arrive, casting a shadow over the track and haunting the closing moments with a wonderfully evocative sense of style.

Available now on all major platforms, including on our very own Spotify playlists, ‘Twilight’ is an unmissable new release. Check it out below alongside the official music video.

A darkly evocative piece, ‘Twilight’ is a strong debut release from WARJO, and if he can keep producing releases as rich and textured as this, it’s easy to see him becoming a powerful force in the modern rock scene. Be sure to follow WARJO on his social media pages below so you never miss a release.

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