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The Black Keys - Let's Rock

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The long-awaited ninth full-length studio album from The Black Keys, their first in five years.

'Let's Rock' is a return to the straightforward rock of the singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney’s early days as a band. Auerbach says, “When we’re together we are The Black Keys, that’s where that real magic is, and always has been since we were sixteen.”

'Let’s Rock' was written, tracked live, and produced by Auerbach and Carney at Easy Eye Sound studio in Nashville and features backing vocals from Leisa Hans and Ashley Wilcoxson. “The record is like a homage to electric guitar,” says Carney. “We took a simple approach and trimmed all the fat like we used to.”

An exclusive edition of the LP pressed on pale pink vinyl. Limited to 7,500 copies and includes a sheet of four stickers featuring elements from the album artwork.

Nonesuch - 591592-1

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