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Giant Drag - Swan Song / Lemona

A remastered reissue of Giant Drag’s early EP, 'Lemona', originally released way back in 2004, and the acclaimed 'Swan Song' which came out five years later. Neither of the EP's have never been available on vinyl before, and Rip Roaring records have done a stellar job combining them into one unique pressing. Available on one gold LP, and limited to 500 copies worldwide, it's a very special piece of Giant Drag history.


  1. This Isn’t It
  2. Tired Yet
  3. Cordial Invitation
  4. YFLMD
  5. Jonah Ray Is Aokay (But That’s All Hearsay)
  6. Swan Song
  7. Stuff To Live For
  8. White Baby
  9. Heart Carl