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Fire In The Field - Resurrect

Packed with old-school passion, youthful energy, and plenty of fire, ‘Resurrect’ is a rare and unstoppable release that perfectly highlights Fire in the Field’s talents. Filled with sharp melodies, killer rock riffs, enduring drumbeats, and lyrics that cut you to the quick, it’s a release that exudes confidence and absolutely refuses to quit. Easily one of the most impressive and infectious rock albums of the year, ‘Resurrect’ is proof that Fire in the Field are the next chapter in rock ‘n’ roll.


  1. Shadow Way
  2. Egyptian Jukebox
  3. Pump
  4. Bossman
  5. We Hunters
  6. Scandalous Lightning
  7. Resurrect
  8. Walked On Water
  9. Stay Back Wolf
  10. Start Again