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Are you interested in sharing your expertise with our audience? Are you trying to get your band or music noticed? Or are you're trying to get your writing noticed and build a portfolio?

Whatever the reason, our website is currently accepting guest posts on all things music, including band promotion, reviews, upcoming live shows, marketing, record deals and more. Along with the ability to showcase your work and music, guest posts are also one of the most effective ways to improve your SEO, creating backlinks leading to the music website of your choice.

In this service, your article along with any images and embedded releases you want to be included will be published on our website under the 'Guest Post' section. Your article will then be promoted across our social media network, including multiple Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, to an audience of over 150,000 followers.

A few rules for your article, it must be music related, free of plagiarism, and not defamatory in any way. As an inclusive online publication, we reserve the right to refuse to publish any content we deem to not fit with these rules.

Please ensure when you upload your article, you include all links and credit so that we can accurately publish it on our pages.