Kae Tempest - 'The Book of Traps And Lessons'

Format: LP
Colour: Black

The third full-length album from the incredible wordsmith Kae Tempest.

A handful of words often tell you everything you need to know. When asked, who is Kae Tempest? He gives a brief, albeit telling answer, “Kae Tempest is the words,” he responds. You haven’t ever seen, heard, or experienced anyone quite like him. Tempest uncovers the missing link between the Golden Ages of literature and hip-hop. The London-born BRIT Award-nominated spoken word artist, rapper, poet, novelist, and playwright rhymes with a century-turning fury.

“I think of the song like a cleansing moment in the wider context of the record, in the same way that a relationship can be a cleansing moment in the wider context of a life... A kind of a turning point. I wrote it for my woman. Inspired by her and everything that falling in love with her has taught me”.