LoneLady - 'Hinterland'

Format: LP
Colour: Black

Second full-length from Manchester's Lonelady on Warp.

"The new album still contains many of the characteristics of 'Nerve Up', but it’s less stark. My interest in funk and dance is more apparent; the songs are longer, with exploratory sections built around a simple machine groove. Much of it was recorded in my home studio, mainly using an eight-track cassette recorder. These recording had an integrity and atmosphere of their own and I decided wouldn’t be improved on by re-recording from scratch in a professional studio. I recoil from sterile, slick production for my music. I like to hear the imprint of environment in music, scratchiness, atmospheres, traces. However, it definitely benefited from Bill (Skibbe’s) additional production in Keyclub, Michigan. He took it out of the bedroom and gave it power and depth."