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Neoprene - Possibility Spaces

The latest release by Florida-born, California based producer and professor Neoprene arrives as a debut 12" titled 'Possibility Spaces'.

Propelled by pure state aesthetics, spatial theoretics and a fondness of ferns, Neoprene (amongst several other musical monikers and permutations) has been crafting and perfecting outer-world electronics since 2011 through their highly slept-upon digital and cassette label Ashtar Communications. 'Possibility Spaces' is their debut 12', a collection of cherry-picked tracks created in Chicago during their barista residency of 2015 - heavy points of dark matter gliding across a delicate, semi-permeable surface of unidentified experience.

Where others simply trawl the tropes of a rave culture gone by, Neoprene bends into the best assets of house, hardcore and breaks and pulls up through a dense fog of floral new age ambience, creating a one-of-a-kind approach to expository techno.

French Press Lounge - FPL004