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Press Release

Looking to get the word out about your latest release? Let us do the hard work for you! With our press release gig, we'll write and format a premium quality press release detailing all the major aspects of your new release, whether it be an album, single, tour, or just an important announcement for your fans.

A perfect piece of marketing that can be sent to fans, critics, and music networks, a good press release can often be the difference between getting noticed and getting ignored. After being in the music industry for well over five years now, we know what makes a good press release, and more importantly, what makes it stand out from the crowd. In this service, you will receive your own, bespoke press release including images, links, relevant quotes, and much more.

A complete package, we'll even publish the release on our website and email it to our growing audience of over 150,000 fans for you!