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For as much as 93FEETOFSMOKE fits into the curious corners of the internet where memes double as gospel, he’s just as at home on the D.I.Y. stage of a sweat-soaked underground gig in real life.

The Virginia-born and Oregon-based singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist could’ve easily materialized in the late nineties, but his movement actually bubbled up in 2014, and it quietly boiled over by the time he signed to Photo Finish Records eight years later. With hundreds of millions of streams and plays, a rabid following, and acclaim from Earmilk, Elevator Magazine, and more, he shocks his vison to life like never before on his 2022 full-length debut album, 'GOODGRIEF'.

The new single from alt emo rock artist 93FEETOFSMOKE, 'NIGHTMARE'  features the one and only guardin and was co-written by Nick Bailey (Machine Gun Kelly, Trippie Redd). The nostalgic 2000's anthemic emo rock song featuring an innovative electronic production, the track profiles the undying love and affection between soulmates. 

“It’s a big twist of culture,” he explains. “My music is the intersection of skateboarding, fashion, the Crunk-era, and pop punk. It’s all uncut and unfiltered. I’m not trying to control everything and make it perfect and pristine. It’s a less-perfect vision of everything. It’s important for me to allow things to be the way they are. It’s real."

“I came up in the hip-hop scene,” he elaborates. “The vision of 93FEETOFSMOKE was very influenced by that. There are guitars, but it’s not suburban white boy band music. It comes from different experiences. It’s honest.”

In the end, 93FEETOFSMOKE is unlike anything you’ve heard in any era, and that’s why he connects. “I hope the sound is always unexpected and fresh,” he leaves off. “At the same time, this is the most evolved and mature version of 93FEETOFSMOKE. It’s everything I’ve been working towards.”

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